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creating inspiring cultural events, breathtaking moments, and unique experiences around the world

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"hawkwood makes the impossible possible"

We are creative team based in the UK. We work with cultural organisations, brands, and rights holders, combining creativity and integrity with our unique experience and knowledge, to generate revenue, opportunities, and raise awareness with exisiting and new audiences globally.


Our long-term vision delivers the solutions that our partners and clients need. Our deep industry knowledge combined with creativity, tenacity, and ambition, delivers the best results.

ENGAGING  events

We create unforgettable experiences - and raise much-needed funds for our cultural and charitable partners, as well as sales and marketing opportunities for brands. We generate revenue and raise awareness with new audiences around the world.

social   purpose

Hawkwood is a social purpose business, using entrepreneurial principles to add both economic and social value. Generating substantial revenues allows us and our partners to share incredible content at a low cost for the end user, while maximising longterm revenues with our monetisation and digital strategies.

How We Work

We are creative, innovative, and original. We work collaboratively with our partners and clients to achieve high quality outcomes with lasting impact. We are flexible and open-minded, delivering within agreed budgets, timelines, and targets. We value integrity, credibility, and loyalty above all.


We see hurdles where others see barriers. We see opportunity where they see problems.


Our approach draws on experience as rights holders, brand custodians, and commercial pioneers.

The 3 C's

We work on the key principle of the 3 Cs - Creativity, Commerciality, and Credibility.


We have a long track record of being the first. We are influencers creating the influences for the influenced.



Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. Our founders bring extensive experience in building and growing businesses, raising funds, for-profit and not-for-profit organisational management, media, arts, culture, heritage, education, and philanthropy. We've worked with some of the most famous and precious places and artefacts in the world.

Luke Purser

Luke is a creative and innovative business leader in the cultural space. He has worked with world leading organisations including Oxford University, the Royal College of Art, English Heritage, and the Courtauld.. He advises the Queen Rania Foundation and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Luke Purser
Director & Founder

Alon Shulman

Alon is an successful serial entrepreneur who has promoted award winning artists, events, and festivals internationally. He's a bestselling author, an accomplilshed producer, and a proven rainmaker with inexhaustible energy.

Alon shulman
Director & Founder

Stanley Fink

Stanley is a renowned businessman and philanthropist, known as the 'godfather of hedgefunds'. He is an active member of the House of Lords, a Trustee of the Mayor’s Fund for London, Chairman of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies, and President of the Evelina Childrens Hospital.

Lord Fink

Stanley Fink

Hawkwood is fortunate to be able to have the input from a special Advisory Board made up from leaders in their various fields as well as those who also act as creative partners. We will announce the full Advisory Board here soon.


They make the impossible possible - Carl Cox
This is absolutely mind-blowing, a hell of moment - Eddy Temple-Morris
It's never been done before and it may never be done again - Paul Oakenfold
It's surreal, humbling. When else will you get the chance to do something like this? - Andy Serkis
Everyone that came will remember this for the rest of their lives - Paul Oakenfold
Visitors absolutely love the exhibition - Dr Jeff Kloha